10 Most Consumed Naija Foods

Chop4naija presents the list of widely eaten naija foods. If you need a recipe for any of the foods listed below, you can easily get that on our website by navigating through our post archive.Below is the list of most widely eaten naija foods.



Moimoi is a Nigerian meal made of peel beans ground together with onions, pepper, oil and spices.It’s a highly proteinous meal and is widely enjoyed by all Nigerians , home and abroad.

2. Ogbono Soup

This is one of the most popular Nigerian soups, ogbono soup is made with ogbono seeds. Its also known as draw soup and usually eaten with staples such as semo, pounded yam, eba and fufu.

3.Banga Soup

Banga soup also known as Ofe Akwu is a Nigerian soup native to the Niger delta and some parts of the south eastern Nigeria. The word Ofe stands for soup while akwu simply means palm fruit. Commonly eaten with solid foods such pounded yam, semolina , garri (eba) and fufu e.t..c. This great soup contains essential nutrients that are good for the body.


Akara is a deep fried bean cake, ideal for breakfast or as a snack during the day. Often enjoyed with Ogi. It is produced by grounding peeled brown beans and blending it with onions and spices to be fried in vegetable oil.


Suya is produced by grilling spiced cuts of meat over an open flame, it is known to be a specialty of the Hausa people of Nigeria. Suya is widely enjoyed with Yaji in the northern part of Nigeria



Edikaikong soup is native to the Efiks, the Efiks are predominant in Cross river and Akwa ibom state of Nigeria.Its a very nutritional food that is widely enjoyed by both the Efiks and non-Efiks. Edikaikong soup has a very high nutritional value due to the presence of dark green leafy vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetable contains small amount of Omega 3 fats which deliver big health benefits such as lowering the levels of depression, it also lowers inflammation which happens to be a key component in asthma

8.Eguisi soup

Eguisi soup is one of the most delicious soup in Nigeria.This soup is prepared with melon seeds and usually enjoyed with amala, semo or akpu. The melon seeds is rich in Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium. Other minerals include Iron, zinc, manganese and copper. The fat in eguisi is cholesterol free and not harmful to our heart.

9.Oha Soup

Oha soup is native to the Igbo people in the eastern part of Nigeria.Only a few Nigerian soups can compete with this soup, a soup made from oha leaves. Oha soup is always prepared with coco yam, if you don’t know how to prepare this soup, check our blog for the recipe. Oha leaves contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese. Oha leaves are rich in fiber, amino acids like glutamic acid, lysine and cysteine while they have a low sodium content. They contain vitamins A, C and some B vitamins

10.Efo Riro


Efo riro is a yoruba word which means “Vegetable soup”, it’s one of Nigeria’s most popular soups and  has numerous health benefits due to the rich vegetable in it.  Trust me, when this soup is made by a professional for you, you will definitely ask for more. The major ingredients needed to make efo riro are Stock Fish, spinach leaves, assorted meat, palm oil, locust Beans, salt,tatashe, Maggi cubes, onion, pepper, ground crayfish and smoked fish.

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