5 Best  Restaurants To Visit In Agege

Agege is one of the local government areas of Lagos state, Nigeria. Agege is known for its popular bread called Agege bread, All over the world, a mention of Agege is usually followed with the word ” bread”.  It’s a home to many fantastic restaurants, these restaurants offer super-delicious meals. Chop4naija presents 5 best restaurants in Agege that dish out mouth-watering delicacies on daily basis.

1. Iya Gbosewo Restaurant


Iya gbosewo restuarant is a modish restaurant located at 16,Onafuwa Street, Agege. it is a restaurant that dishes out variety of Nigerian foods such as Semo, Eba, Fufu, Black & white Amala,Wheat,Pounded Yam ,White/Jollof Rice, Beans and Plantain. If you are looking for where to enjoy best of meals around Onafuwa street and it environs, Iya Gbosewo restaurant is the best place to get such quality meal.

2.God Cares Restaurant


God Cares restaurant is a restaurant that actually cares for its customers. It is located at Ogba road in a very serene environment. God care restaurant dishes out quality Nigerian and continental meal at a very affordable price.They ensure that none of their customers leaves unsatisfied. If you want a fantastic meal around Ogba and it environs, think of God cares restaurant.

3.African Salad Restaurant


As the name implies, this restaurant only focuses on African salad. Their African Salad (Ugba) is second to none when it comes to a well spiced African Salad. A visit to their restaurant will definitely make you ask for more. African salad restaurant is located at 7, Showonuola Street, Agege, Lagos.Visit them today for a mouth-watering African Salad.

4.Madam Ayu’s Bar


Do you feel like taking a well prepared pepper soup? Perhaps delicious ofada rice is what you feel like eating for dinner. Madam Ayu’s bar is the right place to have these meals, they specializes in making tasty meals that nourish the body system. For a well prepared food such as ofada rice, moi moi, Cow tail/fresh fish and pepper soup, visit Madam ayus Bar at Oluwole tarmac, Ogba, Agege.

5.Sky Blue Restaurant


Sky blue restaurant offers a wide range of Nigerian and continental foods. They have a long history of making quality meals and takes professional pride in their work. Sky blue restaurant is located at shop 14/15 ogba Ijaiye Road, Agege, Lagos. If you are searching for a good restaurant in Ogba Ijaiye road where you can eat gourmet meals such as Fried rice, White rice, Jollof-Rice,Moi-Moi ,Eba,Semo,Pounded Yam and Plantain, then you should think of sky blue restaurant.

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