5 Common Foods that Nigerians Refrigerate But Shouldn’t.

1. Banana


Refrigerating banana seems to be a common practice among Nigerians, they believe that by so doing they can have a good taste of the fruit. But the truth is, banana can be refrigerated but at a very low temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. Anything more than 13 degree Celsius may leads to chilling injury such as internal browning and dull colour. Heat and cold can cause deterioration of food if not properly controlled. If banana is allowed to freeze (Kept beyond the normal temperature in the refrigerator), it suffers discolouration which may leave the food susceptible to attack by microorganisms.




This is another food that’s often refrigerated by some Nigerians. I was in a friend house a couple of days ago and decided to quench my taste with a chilled drink from his refrigerator, to my surprise i saw a piece of onion being refrigerated.The fact is when an onion is refrigerated, the cold convert the starch to sugar and the onion become so soft.The best place to keep onions is an open,dry and cool place.

Many Nigerians are guilty of this act.When tomatoes are refrigerated , they tends to decay rapidly.Just like banana above, the temperature of tomatoes ought not to go beyond 13 degrees Celsius in the refrigerator.If the temperature is not controlled, the tomato’s aroma will degrade and also its texture.Always keep tomatoes on a flat surface at room temperature.


The refrigerator is the last place to keep your potato, it’s not the best place to keep your potatoes.When potatoes are kept in the refrigerator, the refrigerator cause a darken effect on the potato and makes it develop unpleasant sweet taste.Just like Onion above, the chilly environment of the refrigerator convert the potato’s starch to sugar.If you can always keep your potatoes at a normal room temperature, you will be able to have your potato in good form for a long time.



Some Nigerians also refrigerate bread.One of the biggest mistakes is to put bread in the fridge because it will dry out the bread quickly.Some Nigerians think by putting the bread in the firdge, they can maintain the freshness of the bread. The truth is, putting the bread in the fridge makes it hard and stale.Maintaining a room temperature for your bread is the best thing to do when keeping your bread.

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