5 Foods that helps in increasing sperm count and reducing infertility rate in men.

Research has shown that 90 percent of Male Fertility problems are as a result of men’s failure to produce enough sperm.Recent research has also shown that 70 percent of all deformities that are found in babies are as a result of lack of quality sperm.Low sperm count affects approximately one in 25 men. With all these statistics, how do we overcome the problem of low sperm count in men? Apart from seeking medical solution to the problem of low sperm count, there are also foods that when taken will not only increase the sperm count but will also go a long way in increasing the quality of sperm.

Lets take a look at five foods that helps in increasing sperm count and reducing infertility rate in men.

1. Garlic


Although , taking garlic can be a difficult task for some men due to its scent . The scent should not dissuade you from taking it if you plan on having your own baby soon.Garlic helps a lot in the production of sperm count . Garlic contains an antioxidant called selenium which helps in sperm motility. Start adding garlic to your meal today to boost your sperm count.

2. Ginseng


Ginseng is found mostly in cooler climate and basically in north America and Asia. Scientists have proven that this great plant enhance libido and sexual performance. In a study published by Journal of Urology, 45 men suffering from erectile dysfunction were administered ginseng for 16 weeks. At the end of the trial,  27 out the 45 men said Ginseng improved their erection.



Popularly Called “Asala” by the Yorubas, walnut contains Omega-3-fatty acid which has been found by scientists to increase sperm count and helps in sexual performance in men. Apart from the role this great food plays in Increasing sperm count, it also helps in reducing and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. A study which was published in the journal of Alzheimer’s disease shows that walnut have beneficial effect in reducing and preventing the risk of Alzheimer disease.

4. Banana


Banana is a must- eat fruit for every man who wants to increase his sperm count.Banana contains an enzyme called bromelain which has been found to increase libido and sex drive in men. Apart from increasing libido in men, this great fruit also helps in weight reduction.

5 Water Melon


Consumption of watermelon helps a lot in fighting infertility in men.It increases the libido in men and considered as natural Viagra for men.A phytonutrient known as citrulline in watermelon helps in relaxation of the body ‘s blood vessels and also improve male sexual performance.

You want to increase you sexual performance? Start taking the aforementioned foods today.

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