So the other day while on field work, the team decided to settle for some delicious roasted plantain and groundnut.The following conversation ensued between us and the lady in the picture.

C4N: How much be your plantain (pointing at a particular juicy looking plantain)
Boli lady: This one na N150 the other one na N100

C4N: E too cost o! Sell these two N120
Boli lady: Ah! plantain don cost o customer, na N200 for the two

C4N: How the market dey go for this side? E dey move well well?
Boli lady: Responds with a smile sometimes market good, sometimes e no dey too move like that, when plntain too cost i no dey put plenty for fire because i fit no sell am finish..Customer go dey complain say e too cost.

In the course of the conversation, the plantain is ready, she wraps it up in an old newspaper with the groundnuts and hands it over to us. IMG-20151020-WA0011

Roasted plantain is very popular in this part of the world and cuts across every can hardly count the number of people who have not experienced this mouth watering meal especially in a city like Lagos where people are on the go 24/7.

Its easy to prepare, but can be tricky if you dont have the patience and required expertise especially on timing and consistency.

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