1. Salah is an act of worship: It is not a custom. It is not a ritual. It is very special. It has no equal. It has no alternative. There are no excuses, even when you are ill, on a journey or even in a war.
  2. Salah distinguishes a Mo’min and a non-Mo’min
  3. Did you know that Salah was the last will of the Prophet (SAAWS). he said with his last breaths: As-Salah, As-Salah as his soul departed.
  4. Sallah is a sign of total obedience to Allah.
  5. It is the first act that we will be judged by on judgement day.


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Barka Da Sallah from Chop4naija

Cake from bimztheory.com
Cake from bimztheory.com

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