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A good food needs a balanced and adequate diet to supply the nutrients and energy needed for growth. Although amount of nutrients in food consumption is highly variable from meal to meal, the daily energy consumption is relatively constant but can be adjusted.

A good food timetable requires more calories per kilogram body weight. The physical activity level in humans demand high intake of energy giving foods and extra calories are needed for growth.

A good food timetable requires more protein, because it is not only needed for tissue repair but also for growth. About 14% of the calories should be supplied as protein. The main sources of protein are milk and milk products, meat, fish, fowl, eggs, nuts, cereals, and pulses.

A good food timetable should consist of carbohydrates and fats which provide energy requirements to the human body. Consequently, there are no specific dietary recommendations for carbohydrates, provided adequate calories are supplied. Carbohydrates form the staple food in sub-Sahara African diet. Sources include rice, wheat, yam, maize, cassava, millet, guinea corn, potatoes, cocoyam, pasta, sorghum etc

Also, a good food timetable should include varieties of green and leafy vegetables. These provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. They help stimulate hormone and physiological processes in regulation of body activities. Provide anti bodies that fight infections and also coordinate activities of all parts of the body system.

Fruits and vegetable also form important part of a good timetable. They contain vitamin and mineral in different proportion. Sources include cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, ugwu leaf, carrot, green pepper, tomato, oranges, banana, apple, pineapple, pawpaw, grape etc

Lastly, water in the timetable enables easy absorption and digestion of a healthy meal in our body system. Large amount of water should be consumed daily for detoxification. A good food timetable habit requires that it is preferable to give foods at 6 hours interval. A regular meal hour should be encouraged and eating in between meals should be discouraged.

Here is an example of a good food time table

Breakfast – 4 slices of bread, 1fried egg and a cup of tea/beverages

Lunch- 2 wraps of semolina, vegetable soup and meat/ fish with 1 fruit variety

Note: Breakfast menu should include a variety of fruits, biscuits and fruit juice can be taken as mid meal before lunch

Dinner- stewed beans and fried plantain with fish or meat

Precautions to guide a good food timetable – for a good timetable to achieve it maximum effect. The following are to be noted.

  1. Food hygiene should be properly observed
  2. Foods are to be consumed in adequate amount
  3. All food groups should be considered when preparing the timetable.
  4. There should be no intermittent eating outside the food timetable

Join the discussion and tell us more precautions to guide a food time table.

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