Asun : How To Make Nigerian Spicy Goat Meat At Home.

Serving goat meat (Asun) in a party these days has become a norm. Most people enjoy the taste of a well cooked asun. I remembered vividly late last year when i attended a friend’s wedding party, that was the first time i ever tasted ssun and since then have fallen in love with it. Occasionally, i do prepare it at home if i feel like having a taste of it. Learning how to prepare asun at home is as simple as ABC. You don’t need to have a doctorate degree in cooking before you can make it happen. The write-up is geared towards teaching you how to prepare asun in a simple manner at home. Pull a cushion, relax and enjoy this write up. Let’s start by listing all the ingredients required to prepare our delicious asun.



2kg goat meat
1 medium onion
Seasoning cubes
2 habanero peppers (Ata rodo)


1. Wash and clean the meat. Don’t cut into pieces yet.

2. Dry the meat and place it under a hot grill till the meat becomes brown.

3. This is the point you will have to chop your meat into small bite size pieces

4 After chopping, place in a pot, add onion, add very little water and cook for like 3-4 mins.

5. Cut the habanero peppers and mix it with salt and seasoning.

6. Add the mixed pepper,seasoning and salt in step 5 to the meat and stir continuously for like 4 minutes.


At this point, your asun should be ready to be served. I love taking it with a chilled malta guiness.

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