Avocado Pear: Its Numerous Health Benefits.

Many studies have shown that folks that consume avocado are healthier than the ones who refuse to take it, avocado are considered as one of the healthiest foods due to the presence of essential nutrients such as vitamin A,B,C, E and K, phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium.This great food also contain protein, fiber and phytochemicals such as beta-sitosterol, lutien, glutathione which help protect the body against diseases.

Beta-sitosterol is very effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels.According to a study, patients with mild hypercholesterolemia who included avocados in their diet for 7 days were able to reduce their total blood cholesterol levels by 17 percent, 11 percent increase in HDL(good cholesterol) levels and 22 percent decrease in both triglyceride levels and LDL.


Avocado also help protect the body against age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.It contain potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure levels. It also contain soluble fiber which keep a steady bloody sugar levels. A single cup of avocado provides about 23 percent of the daily recommended value of folate. The presence of folic acid in avocado help prevent birth defects such as neural tube defect ( birth defects of the brain, spine, or spinal cord) and Spina-bifida (a birth defect where there is incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord).

Avocado also help in fighting against the growth of prostrate cancer.It is regarded as the best natural mouth wash and bad breath remedies.

The presence of a compound called glutathione helps in fighting free radicals in the body. Finally, high levels of folate in avocados protect the body against stroke.

Start adding avocados to your diet to enjoy these numerous health benefits of Avocados.

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