Picture sent in by a Chop4naija blog visitor.
Picture sent in by a Chop4naija blog visitor.

Hey people! hope you had a stress free weekend? we all know not many people can resist delicious and well prepared beef/chicken kebab, so we decided to show you a quick guide to the ultimate Beef kebab wonder!

1. Beef bought directly form the Nigerian market can be tough to cook, so we suggest you buy the already processed beef for easy grilling or cooking which ever way you prefer. Spice your beef with Maggi,salt, fresh or dry pepper, garlic and onion.

2. Cook or grill till tender.

3. Prepare your peppered sauce to marinde the beef with as soon as it is cooked.

4. Slice your green pepper, Tatashi(Large sized pepper),onion. Add seasoning maggi and salt to

5. Place the beef,onion,tatashi and green pepper on the skewer.

6. Congratulations! you have prepared a tasty snack for your guests without breaking a sweat!!

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