The Best Recipe for Edikaikong Soup

Edikai Ikong is a vegetable soup which is known to be one of the favorite soup of the efik people in southern part of Nigeria. Today, chop4naija will be dishing out the best recipes for edika ikong soup. The Major components of edikai ikong soup is pumpkin leaves and water leaves, truly a taste of edikai ikong soup will definitely take you to cloud nine.

Lets start by listing the ingredients for Edikai ikong soup.

500g Water Leave
1Kg Pumpkin leave
1 big onion
200ml Palm Oil
500g beef
3 stock cubes
500g kanda and Dry fish
1 cup periwinkle
Ground crayfish

Steps to take when cooking Edikaikong Soup

1. The first step to take when making this delicious soup is to wash and cut the pumpkin and water leaves into tiny pieces, after cutting them into peices, drain out the water in them as much as possible.

2.The next step is to cut the kanda into small pieces. Cook the Dry fish, beef and kanda with the onion and the stock cubes with a little water.

3. After cooking the beef, dryfish and kanda. Add considerable amount of crayfish, palmoil and pepper and boil it for about 15 minutes.

4.Add the water leaves in Step 1 above and the periwinkle , allow it to cook for 5 minutes.

5.The final step, add the pumpkin leaves and salt. It is advisable that at this stage, thorough stirring of the contents in the pot should be done. After stirring, turn off the heat and allow it to cool for some minutes like 5-10 minutes.

Now, you can ENJOY your edikai ikong soup.

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