Blog Series (15mins Healthy Eats For Tv series) 4- Season Finales plus Fruit Feast


Last episodes for the year, we had to go all out! And yes, we did a little cheating here and there….


Fruit Feast


Slightly toasted bread with strawberry jam, peanut butter and cheese topped with fruit slices.


Fruit slices on wooden skewers.


Layer of crushed digestive biscuits and mixed berries smoothie (refrigerated for 10mins)


These were all so easy to make and very refreshing. We are forever talking about how much we need to step up our fruit eating game because ‘fruit is life’ but we actually never follow through so this was our opportunity. One of each perfection to a person and no one complained about not being filled up, even the heaviest eater (Shhhh no names)….. Now to Tv moment!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode Epic!

First off, can we do a little dance that Daenerys is actually going to be one bending a knee to the rightful heir of the Iron Throne…Jon Snow! We certainly cannot wait to see the shock on her face when she finds out especially since she is his aunty which brings us to the incest talk.



Isn’t it mind bugging how Cersei is casually pregnant for her brother?

Another epic moment was watching our girl Arya do justice to Little Finger with his own dagger. It was exhilarating because just the other day, we thought the Stark girls were against each other.

Lastly, watching the Night King and his icy dragon bring down the walls, The army of the dead finally marches in!

Power Season 4 Finale

Who else is going to miss Raina? *Tears*

Who else wants to just give Tariq a good beating?

Who else is happy to see the new gang in town?


Thank you so much for following our blog series, we hope you enjoyed every bit of it and we can not wait to do more of this! Please share your thoughts on the comment section or on our social media pages @chop4Naija


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