Calabar Food: How To Prepare Editan soup

Editan soup is majorly consumed by the people of Akwa Ibom/ Calabar, the major ingredient of editan soup is the editan leaves, hence the name editan soup.The leaves is very bitter, many people take their time in washing it severally before cooking it or using potash to get rid of the bitterness.Its a very delicious soup and mostly enjoyed with Swallow ( Fufu, pounded yam, eba e.t.c). To prepare, you will need the following ingredients

editan soup

7 medium pieces Beaf
1 table spoon sliced uziza leaf
2 cups editan leaf
4 medium size Snails (optional)
2 maggi cubes
1 medium size stock-fish head
1 medium sized smoked fish
4 cooking spoons palm oil
3 table spoons ground crayfiah
Dry pepper ( 1 tspl)
Palm oil
4 medium bunches water leaves
2 cups periwinkle

Salt to taste


1.Season and Boil the beaf with the stockfish and set aside to be used later. Pick and wash the bitter-leaves, cut them into pieces, proceed to cut and pound the editan leaves. Pour hot water on the cut editan leaves , rinse the leaves several times to reduce the bitterness of the editan leaves.Drain out the water.

2. Cut off the tail end of the periwinkle and wash very well so as to remove the dirt.

3. Place the beef and the stock fish in step one above on a medium heat, add the water-leaves and stir a bit, add fish, ground crayfish, maggi cubes, water, palm oil . Stir and allow to cook for 5 minutes.

4.Finally, add the editan leaves, uziza and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes. stir and taste, add salt if needed.

Editan soup is usually served with swallow of any kind. ( Pounded yam,Eba, akpu, ekpang iwa, Semo)


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