Do You Have An Ulcer? Avoid The Following Foods.

As an ulcer patient, certain foods are meant to be avoided. These foods may expatiate the magnitude of the pain that comes with ulcer.To be at the safer side, it’s advisable that you stay away from such foods. Living with ulcer can sometimes be painful but certain measures can be put in place to reduce the pain that comes with Ulcer. This article is meant to educate us on ulcer and also identify possible ways to reduce the pain through foods.
Stomach ulcers are painful sores that can be found in the stomach lining or small intestine.It can become severe if not properly treated or handled. Some health specialists have attributed the cause of Ulcer to certain factors such as heavy smoking, frequent use of steroids , excessive intake of alcohol e..t.c
Now that you know what Ulcer is , lets talk about the food to avoid if suffering from ulcer. Its has been observed that the food that aggravate ulcer is different amongst individuals. Meaning that the food that heighten ulcer in Person A can be different when it comes to Person B. But in general, the following foods should be avoided by every ulcer patient.

1. Dairy foods (foods made from whole or skim milk)



2.Tomato products e.g Tomato paste, tomato juice and tomato sauce.



3.Spices and seasonings such as black and red pepper, garlic, hot chiles e.t.c



4 Carbonated beverages and coffee.



Avoiding the aforementioned foods will definitely go along way in reducing the pain that comes with ulcer. Apart from taking drugs to heal your cancer, the aforementioned foods should also be avoided like a plague.

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