Do You Know Why You Purge After Eating Green Leafy Vegetable Soup ?

I have always wondered why i visit the toilet often after eating Green Leafy Vegetable soup (efo riro).At a point in time while in secondary school, i told my mother to stop preparing efo riro for me because it makes me purge. Although, i love this delicious vegetable soup but purging after eating it made me to have a rethink about the soup. Just of recent while sharing my experience with some friends,i realized that purging after eating green leafy vegetable soup is not peculiar to me. In fact, so many people also face this same thing after eating this delicious soup. Being a food blogger, i decided to find out the reason why people purge after eating green leafy vegetable soup (efo riro).



Green leafy vegetable are rich in mineral, when consumed they end up in the small intestine. As soon as they get to small intestine, nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream and the fiber in the vegetable absorb water and swell up.The presence of fiber makes purging inevitable.

In addition to the above statements, Mrs Zainab Oderinde , a food scientist based in lagos, opined that the presence of surface microorganisms in green leafy vegetables can lead to frequent visits to the toilet.To avoid this, it’s advisable to blanch green leafy vegetables before cooking it.


Considering how nutritious this soup is, purging shouldn’t discourage you from eating it often because they help in digestion of foods and make the absorption of nutrients in food easier.

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