Do You Need To Wash Your Rice Before Cooking?

While some people believe that it is necessary to wash the rice before cooking it, others are of the opinion that washing rice is not necessary. These two school of thoughts have different reasons to back up their assertions.

The first school of thought believes that washing the rice before cooking it rid the grains of starches, prevents clumping and produces a fresh and clean taste.They also believe that the inorganic arsenic content in the rice can only be removed when the rice is washed thoroughly before cooking it.

There are some types of rinse that are processed with talc in order to produce whiter appearance. It is always necessary to wash this type of rice before cooking so as to remove the talc.

The other school of thought believe that washing rice is not necessary as it reduces the amount of precious nutrients in the rice. The starch in the rice will be washed away when the rice is being washed. Further more, some processors usually enrich their rice with vitamins and other nutrients, washing the rice will be tantamount to washing away these nutrients.

In conclusion, washing your rice or not washing it as to do with individual preferences as there is no danger or risk involved in washing it or not washing it. That ball is always in the court of the cooker to decide on the approach to use.

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