Effects of Fried Foods on the Body System.

It is true that fried foods damage  our body system In different ways.. Studies have shown that fried foods increases the fat and calorie intake in our body system. Research has shown that consuming fried foods can leads to heart attacks, diabetes and Obesity. The high level of fat and calorie contents in fried foods increases the risk of obesity, diabetes , cancer e.t.c.

Consuming fried foods regularly leads to obesity and overweight. Study has also shown that people who consume fried foods more than four times in a week are likely to become obese compared to those who
consume it less than two times a week.

A study carried out by American Diabetes Association in 2014 shows that taking fried foods regularly before pregnancy may increase a woman’s risk of having diabetes during pregnancy, this type of diabetes in
women is called gestational diabetes.

Similarly, eating deep fried food at least once a week has been linked to a raised risk in prostrate Cancer according to a recent study. Although, there are already many evidence that linked deep fried foods to other cancer such as breast, lung, pancreatic, head and neck cancers.

Finally, the effects of fried foods on the body system appears to be complex to scientists. Its advicebale to reduce the rate of consuming fried foods so as to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and other numerous diseases on our body system.

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