Enjoy Your Easter Monday With Banana-Orange Smoothie.

Enjoy your Easter Monday with this great-tasting smoothie recipe. Making banana-orange smoothie is simple, Its all about blending raw fruits with other ingredients such as water , ice, dairy products. Let’s start by listing all the ingredients needed for this smoothie.



Two fingers of banana
A big size apple
Water (Not too much)
One sachet of Milk 25gram
Two oranges
A blender


Peel the bananas and oranges with your hands. Do ensure that you remove the seeds inside the oranges
Dice the apple into smaller pieces
Pour the oranges, bananas and the diced apple into the blender, add some water (Not too much) with the milk.
Blend everything together till the content becomes creamy. At this point, Your smoothie should be ready.

The Ingredients above can only serve two persons, If you intends making this smoothie for the whole house, then you need to get more ingredients than this.

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