Five Best Local Restaurants In Ikeja

Ikeja is the state capital of Lagos state, it’s the most popular part of Lagos state and one of the 774 local governments in Nigeria. It is home to many large, small and medium enterprises.Despite the popularity of the city, little is known about the restaurants in this commercial city.As a result of this, Chop4niaja presents five restaurants in Ikeja where people can get value for their money, these restaurants provide quality service that is unrivaled any part of the country. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Ikeja where you can have best dinner experience.

1. Calabar Kitchen

restaurants in ikeja

Located at 1, Omotayo Ojo off Toyin street, Ikeja. Calabar Kichen one of the best restaurants in Ikeja. What makes Calabar Kitchen an outstanding restaurant in Ikeja is the wide range of Nigerian food they offer and the manner in which they treat their customers. On a daily basis, it dishes out variety of delicacies ranging from Pounded yam, Semo, Egusi, Chicken, pomo, Afang, Edikank-Ikong, Okro and lots more.

Walk into Calabar Kitchen at Ikeja and have a lifetime dinning experience.

2.Mama Cass Restaurant


Second on the list of five best restaurants in Ikeja is Mama Cass restaurant, a restaurant known for its sweet delicacies. Located at 4a Oyeleke street, Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja. Mama Cass restaurant has been saving souls through sweet delicacies since second republic. Mama cass restaurant offers delicacies that spans traditional Nigerian and continental dishes.If you feel tired and cant visit mama cass restaurant for your meal, just apply for Mass Cass sharp sharp delivery and your meal will be delivered to your door steps.

Doesn’t that sound good to you ? Enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush with Mama Cass meal today.

3.Ariya Food Cafe


Ariya Food Cafe is a modish restaurant located at Oregun, 18/20 Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja. Ariya food cafe dishes out variety of Nigerian and continental foods with an extensive range of gourmet meals such pounded yam, semo, egusi, pomo, gbegiri, goat and lots more.Meat pepper Soup

So what are you waiting for ? Next time you want to have nice meal, Ariya Food cafe is the best place to have it.

4.Miss Pam’s Restaurant

White rice and Vegetable stew
White rice and Vegetable stew


Miss Pams Restaurant is a stylish restaurant located in the heart of Ikeja. The restaurant offers a wide range of Nigerian and continental foods With a long history in food cooking industry, be rest assured that a meal at Miss Pams restaurant will definitely change your body system for the better. Miss pams offers variety of meals and they are ready to satisfy you according to your taste. Located at Oyeleke Street, Alausa Bus-stop,Ikeja, Lagos .

Are you still waiting ? Put on your wears now and visit Miss Pam’s restaurant for wide array of scrumptious meals and dishes.
5 Mo Grillz Restaurant

mo grillz(allen avenue -ikeja)

Mo Grillz restaurant offers large variety of foods tailored towards consumer’s easy consumption.Do you feel like taking chicken shawarma for breakfast ? Or you want spicy Fried snail and Pepper soup for lunch ? Perhaps you prefer Pounded yam and egusi for dinner ? Mo Grillz restaurant is the right place to have these variety of menu. Mo Grillz is situated at No 61, Allen Ave way, Ikeja.

Are you feeling like taking Spicy Sautéed Meatballs right now ? Oya lets go to Mo Grillz restaurant jor .

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