Five Foods Nigerians Don’t Joke With.

Nigerians are known all over the world for their love for good foods, there are some foods most Nigerians hardly joke with, Some Nigerians will find it difficult to go one day without tasting any of these foods.

1. Garri with Groundnut or Spiced fish

Many Nigerians enjoy taking Garri and groundnut with a chilled water, most especially during a very sunny weather.

2. Jollof rice

Most Nigerians don’t joke with jollof rice, whether its party jollof rice or home-made jollof rice.Most restaurants on the street of Lagos serve Jollof rice due to its high demand.

3. Eba and Amala

Hot Eba or Amala served with a very nice soup is the favorite food of some Nigerians, particularly the Nigerians in the southern part of Nigeria. This food can also be found in many Nigerian restaurants both home and abroad due to it’s high demand.

4. Bread and Beans

To the best of my knowledge, bread and beans is the most popular food in Nigeria, eaten routinely and supplies a significant proportion of the calorie requirement.To some Nigerians a day without Bread and beans is tantamount to a day without good meal.

5. Noodles

cooking indomie noodles with stewed chicken and vegetables
This food is common among Nigerian students due to the fact that it takes shorter time to prepare. It’s another food Nigerians hardly joke with, perhaps due to it’s nutritional value.

Do you have any other food you will like to add to the list? Use the comment box below.

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