Five Igbo Foods Widely Enjoyed By All Nigerians

Many things have been said and written about the Igbo people of Nigeria,there are approximately 24 million speakers who reside mostly in Nigeria. The igbos are socially and culturally diverse, consisting of many subgroups. They are known to love good foods , the origin of some Nigerian foods can be traced to Igbo land. Chop4naija present 5  Igbo foods that are widely enjoyed by all Nigerians.


Pounded Yam and Okro Soup


Pounded yam combined with okro soup is a mouth watering delicacy majorly eaten by people from the eastern part of Nigeria and appreciated by all Nigerians. Most igbos treasure this meal, okro soup is one of the most popular soup among the igbos and doesn’t require huge amount of money to prepare. Pounded yam and okro soup is a heavy food and it should be eaten hours before going to bed.

Akpu and Oha Soup


This is another mouth-watering delicacy whose origin can be traced to Igbo land, other non-igbos also enjoy taking this great meal.It’s a food i enjoy taking once in while due to it’s delicious taste, oha soup has alot of nutritional benefits. Like Pounded yam and okro soup above, Akpu and oha soup should also be taken hours before going to bed for easy digestion.

Abacha And Ugba

My first encounter with this delicious food was when i got admitted into UNN, it a popular meal down in the eastern part of Nigeria and usually eaten as a meal or snack.It can easily fills up one’s stomach and also known for it’s nutritional benefits.

Akpu and Banga soup


This another popular food from the eastern part of Nigeria, it’s is a very delicious and tasty meal. Akpu is usually made by boiling cassava and pounding it to a thick paste-like form and Banga soup is made from Palm Nuts (Banga ). Check out our blog to see the recipe for Banga soup.The southerners enjoy taking this delicious food , most especially the Igbos.



Nkwobi is a popular dessert among the Igbos, it’s usually eaten  before  a meal and serves as an appetizer. Nkwobi is the igbo name for spicy goat legs. This nutritious meat is usually enjoyed by both the Igbos and non Igbos. Every lover of goat meat will definitely enjoy taking Nkwobi, it’s usually enjoyed with a chilled drink.

Do you any other Igbo food that’s widely enjoyed by all Nigerians? Let us know in the comment box below

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