The following foods are popular foods in Nigeria which are consumed regularly by lovers of good foods. With these foods, You will always have strong appetite for foods. Here are five Nigerian foods that can make you bite your fingers when eating them.

1. Pounded Yam with Egusi Soup


One of the most popular and widely consumed soups in Nigeria is Egusi Soup. Egusi soup is prepared with melon seeds, Many tribes in Nigeria has different ways of preparing this soup. To many people, egusi soup with pounded yam is their winning meal.

2. Amala with Efo Riro


Amala with efi riro is a popular meal among the yoruba people in Nigeria. This meal is widely eaten in Nigeria and beyond.A trip to Ibadan in Oyo State will give you a lasting Impression about this meal.If you don’t know how to make delicious efo riro, you can follow this LINK to learn how to prepare it.

3. Pounded Yam with Edikaikong Soup


Edikaikong soup is made from dark green leafy vegetables.The nutritional value of this soup can’t be over-emphasized. It’s a popular soup in the southern part of Nigeria. Have you ever felt like you are on cloud nine before ? Eat pounded yam with edikaikong soup to know how it feels to be on cloud nine.

4. Jollof Rice and chicken


Known to be widely consumed in many West African countries.Though the points of origin of this dish are hotly debated.How it finds it’s way into Nigeria will be a topic for another day. When organizing a big party in Nigeria, most people prefer serving this food to entertain their guests.It is prepared by parboiling rice with chicken and tomato stew.The recipe for this great meal will be published on Chop4naija blog soon.

Banga Soup With Starch



Banga Soup and Starch is a popular meal in the south-south region of Nigeria. Similar to Abak atama(Efik Palm nut soup) and Ofe Akwu (Igbo palm nut soup). The major difference in Banga soup and other Palm nut soups is the type of herbs and spices used in preparation. Banga soup is made from Palm nuts and mostly served with swallow i.e Semo, Fufu, Eba, Pounded Yam..

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