Foods That Contribute To The Development Of Constipation.

Occasionally, we find it difficult to empty our bowels, this may be due to many factors which can be controlled. The pain that comes with constipation can’t be over emphasized. While many people experience constipation often, others only had it few times in their life history.Our diet plays a key role on how hard or soft our faeces would be. Lets examine some symptoms of constipation



1. Vomiting
2. Hard or Small stools
3.Abdominal Pain

1.Low fiber content in food
2. Not drinking adequate water
3.Not exercising the body often.
4.Eating a lot of dairy products
5. Stress.

So lets examine foods that cause constipation.

According to a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and dietitian at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Kristi King, RD, “Constipation is not usually caused by one or more foods on [its] own.” “It’s usually a combination of things.”
Foods alone don’t cause constipation, combination of foods and other factors listed above are the reasons behind constipation.

Studies have shown that foods that are low in fibre content contribute to the development of contipation. When foods with high fibre content are consumed, digestion becomes easy. But when foods that are low in fibre content are eaten, digestion may not come easily. Vegetables are known to be rich in fibre and also aid digestion process and should be consumed often.

Secondly, dairy products such as milk, ice cream,cheese, yogurt help in developing constipation due to the high fat and low-fibre content in them.

In conclusion, to avoid constipation, regular physical activity and consumption of foods that are high in fibre content should be put into practice.

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