Foods That Help In Whitening The Teeth.

Several foods have been found to be very bad for the teeth. These foods go as far as wearing out the enamel of the teeth. We have been told that foods such as tea, dark sodas, fruit juices, kolanut e.t.c contribute to occasional tooth ache, enamel erosion, decay and discoloration of the teeth. Since having discolored teeth seems to be the desired goal of everybody, there is a need for everyone to know the foods that help in removing the stains in the teeth and whiten our teeth naturally.The following foods help in whitening the teeth.

1. Strawberries


The presence of malic acid in strawberries has been found to be useful for the teeth.teeth. Malic acid act as a natural astringent that remove surface tooth discoloration. If you are thinking on removing the stain in your teeth, You may want to start eating more of strawberries to get this done.

2. Baking Soda

Many people will be surprised to see baking soda as one of the foods that help in whitening the teeth naturally. Don’t be surprised, baking soda has been found to be useful in this aspect. Unlike strawberries above that takes longer time before the manifestation of result, baking soda becomes effective as soon as you start using it. All you need to do is to wash your mouth with little amount of baking soda regularly. Excessive usage should be avoided as it contains too much salt.

3. Apples

Apple also helps in whitening the teeth.When apple is consumed, lots of saliva will be secreted into the mouth cavity.This saliva helps in washing away the food debris in our teeth and also neutralizes the acid that decays the teeth. Do you want to whiten your teeth? Start eating apples daily to get this done.


Just like apple above, consuming oranges may help cause the release of more saliva in the mouth. The saliva helps in washing away the food debris in the teeth and improve the natural color of the teeth.You many also want to consider taking oranges if you want to have a discolored teeth.


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