Four Mouth Watering Chinese Cuisine

These Cuisines are sold in different restaurants throughout the world. In fact, many of these cuisines can be found in many Chinese restaurants  here in Nigeria. The origin of these Chinese cuisines dates back thousands of years and its has been evolving due to change in climate and local preferences. This article is meant to discuss four mouthwatering Chinese cuisine.

Fried Rice: The origin of fried rice is known to be Indonesia but this cuisine is widely enjoyed by the Chinese. Made from steamed rice which  is stir fried in a a bowl-shaped frying pan and often mixed with ingredients such as eggs, vegetables and  meat.Fried rice is a common staple in American Chinese cuisine.

Dim Sum: Prepared as a small bite-sized portions of food and often served in a small steamer plates.It is a style of Cantonese cuisine and usually known as going for a “drink” in Cantonese (because its typically served with tea)It has its roots in travelers, most of whom were from the Canton region – settling on the East and West coasts.

Chow mein: It is prepared by Stir frying noodles and often mixed with meat, onions and celery.Served in most westernized Chinese restaurants. The dish is known to be popular among the Chinese diasporans and very common in most Chinese restaurants in the west.
This dish is a must have for all noodle lovers.

Jaozi: Known to be a kind of Chinese dumpling, which is largely consumed in different Asian countries.
It has different variations and very popular among the Chinese during Chinese new year season. Jaozi can be found in different Chinese restaurants throughout the world and known to have numerous health benefits.

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