Four Nigerian Foods Commonly Found In Every Event.

Some foods are commonly found in most Nigerian Events,these foods are widely enjoyed by all Nigerians. They stand as symbol of unity and an event won’t be a complete  event if these special Nigerian foods are not served. chop4naija presents five Nigerian foods that can be seen in Most Nigerian events.

4. Salad
Salads are common offerings at most events nowadays, they are must have in every social gathering.

3.Moi Moi


Made from steamed beans, Moi Moi is the favorite food of some Nigerians in any social function due to its highly delicious taste

2.Fried Rice


This is another great Nigerian food usually found in most events in Nigeria, this food is often mixed with Jollof rice in some events.

1. Jollof Rice


This is the King of all Nigerian foods, this is the favorite food of Most  Nigerians in any social function.No Nigerian event is complete without Jollof rice.

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