Four tips on planning your food budget.

As humans, we cant survive without food and as a result of that, many of us spend much on food consumption in a month.If an average Nigerian Should tell you the amount he/she spends on food monthly, you will be surprised.Having a food budget doesn’t mean that you are being stingy to yourself when it comes to food. What it means is that, you are gradually becoming a smart food shopper. A smart food shopper knows where and when to buy food supplies. Below are core principles of a smart food shopper.

1. Prepare a list: Most people are fond of going to the market without a list of food items they wish to buy. Always to go the market with a list of food items you intends to buy as this will prevent you from buying items that are not of importance.

2. Buy in Bulk: Yes, always buy your food items in bulk. Buying in bulk is one of the core principles of a smart food shopper. Most food items are always cheaper at Unit level cost when you buy in bulk. Although buying in bulk depends largely on one’s income, it has been proven to be effective when planning a food budget.

3.Be your own cook: When you cook your food by yourself, you tends to safe more. Although, cooking delicious food is not an easy task to some people, we live in a digital world where everything can be learnt through google and watching video tutorials on youtube.

4. Cost effective Restaurants: For those bachelors that desire delicious
foods but lack the expertise to prepare such food, there are cost effective restaurants on that offer quality meal at low cost.These restaurants
have best of cooks and are ready to give you value for your money.

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