Four Tomato-Free Nigerian Soups

With the recent high cost of tomatoes in the market, many might find themselves looking for an alternative to their tomato soups. There are many Nigerian soups that requires little or no tomatoes for their production. Chop4naija presents four Nigerian soups that do not require the use of tomatoes.

Ofe Owerri


Ofe owerri soup is indigenous to Owerri folks.A very delicious soup consisting of all the necessary ingredients needed by our body, this soup does not require the use of tomatoes. The following ingredients are the major ingredients required to make ofe owerri soup. Uziza leaves, pumpkin leaves (Ugwu), Maggi, Cocoyam, Assorted meat Dry fish, Stock fish, Cray fish,Pepper and Palm oil, Ogiri and Salt.

Ofe Nsala


Ofe Nsala is another popular soup from the eastern region that doesn’t require the use of tomatoes.Also known as white soup because of its light color.The major ingredients of Ofe Nsala soup are large fresh fishes such as catfishes, mackerel, tuna e.t.c
Apon Soup


This soup get its name from the seed used in making the soup. Apon(Yoruba) is the seed of the African wild mango, this seed is usually dried and milled with some crayfish in order to make the Apon soup powder. You don’t need tomatoes to make this delicious soup, a soup widely enjoyed in the southern part of Nigeria.The major ingredients are dried apon, beef,dried fish, pepper,palm oil,maggi, salt and blended crayfish.
Miya Kuka


Miyan kuka is a popular soup in the northern part of Nigeria.This soup is usually enjoyed with tuwo shinkafa or tuwo masara. It’s a tomato-free soup and takes cook time of 45 minutes.The soup is made from baobab leaves and dried okro.

There are other delicious Nigerian soups that require little or no tomatoes, such soups include groundnut soup,okro soup,melon soup ofe onugbu e.t.c

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