Homemade Mango-Banana Smoothie

I came back from work yesterday feeling thirsty. I didn’t feel like quenching my thirst outside that’s was why i refused to take any soft drink till i got home.
I told my wife i needed something different from what am used to. She asked ” What kind of drink do you need” ? Can you make me a super-chill Mango-Banana Smoothie ? I replied. She said why not?
This is the first time i would be having a taste of this cool smoothie. She brought out the ingredients and made me the wonderful smoothie. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes.


Here are the Steps she took in making the flavorful mango-banana smoothie.


2 medium ripe mangoes
2/3 cup fat-free milk
2 bananas


1.Peel the mango and cut it into small cubes
2.Peal and chop the banana
3 Combine the banana, mango, milk into a blender , blend until nearly smooth.
4 Put it in a fridge to make it chill.
Enjoy your homemade banana-mango smoothie

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