How Restaurants in Lagos are giving Fast Food Restaurants strong competition.

Its obvious that there is strong competition between local restaurants in Lagos and fast food restaurants in Lagos. Fast food restaurants came in and changed the level playing ground for offering Food Services to customers. This made Local food Vendors loose Market share for sometime,  but the tide is changing now. Competition has Set in, The Restaurant, Mama Put etc are now fighting back for control.

Lets take a look at how Restaurants in Lagos are competing with fast food restaurants in Lagos. Here are four major factors.

1 : Specialization African Delicacy

Most local Restaurants in Lagos are only known with a particular African dish. For example, there is a restaurant in my area i do patronize for a delicious Edikaikong soup. In this restaurant, Producing Edikaikong soup is their major area of specialization and they have been gaining more visitors everyday due to this.

There is another Restaurant in ikeja, Computer village to be precise. This Restaurant is owned by a woman who is good in making superb pounded yam, Early in the morning, you will see grown up men lining up to have their own taste of delicious pounded yam.

Restaurants in Lagos Delicacy

The advantage most of these local restaurants have against fast food restaurants is that , they most of the time specializes in making a particular type of food that can be their “Trade Mark” unlike fast food restaurants that are into making variety of foods.

2. Affordable Price.

Another big factor to be considered is MONEY, the Price of a plate of food in local restaurant differs from that of fast food restaurants considering the low Cost of Overhead . Unlike Most fast foods restaurants that have plasma television with active DSTV subscription, fancy Environment, Breathe taking Branding to entertain their customers which makes the cost of their food a bit expensive compared to local restaurants.

3. Increased Awareness:

Owners of Restaurants in Lagos are now very much informed on how to Standardize their Offerings and truly give Quality Service to Customers, Now I know a few “Mama Put” CEOs who have gainfully employed Graduate Managers to Oversee the Management of the Restaurant, thereby guarantee Excellent Services to the Clients.

They now do budget, write Business Plans, develop USPs just to edge out Competition from the fast Food Restaurants.

4. Information Technology

With the Knowledge of Information Technology and Internet, Restaurants in Lagos now leverage on Food Listing Websites like to Create more awareness about their Service Offering, and with a Site like, you can be sure of visibility for these Restaurants.

How To Effectively Enter the Restaurants in Lagos Market

Restaurants business in Lagos is now one of the most profitable businesses to venture into in Nigeria. If you want to start a Restaurant in Lagos Metropolis and want to really edge out Competition from Other Food Vendors, then consult the Experts to develop a good Unique Selling Point (USP).

With the aforementioned factors, the reasons behind the competition between fast food joints and local Restaurants in Lagos should be apparent to food lovers.

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