How to Make Masa (Waina)

Masa also known as waina is a popular food down in the north, a food regularly consumed and enjoyed by most northerners.It has the same physical appearance with Puff-Puff but not as sweet as puff puff. This food is sometimes enjoyed with vegetable soup or Yaji ( a dry spicy pepper in the north).With an amount less than 200 naira, you can be sure of getting more than enough.There is a special traditional pan used in making Masa.It is prepared in such a way that when a set of Masa is removed from the pan, another set is added instantly so as to take advantage of the empty space. The following ingredients are required for the preparation of Masa.

Masa Pan

3 cups of Rice
1 tablespoonful Sugar
1 tablespoonful yeast
1/2 tablespoonful salt
Potash (Kanwa/Akaun)


Cooking Direction

1.Put two cups of rice in a medium sized bowl, dissolve the potash in water and pour into the medium-sized bowl containing the 2 cups of rice. Leave for 8 hrs.

2.Boil the remaining one cup of rice, Mash in the pot with any spatula and set aside. Wash the soaked rice in step one above, blend till it becomes smooth.

3. In a separate bowl, mix the mashed rice and the blended rice in step two above, add sugar , yeast and salt.Set aside and allow it to rise for 30 minutess.

4.Grease each hole of the pan with vegetable oil. Gently drop the mixture into the holes and add little vegetable oil on each drop. Allow to cook till golden brown and flip over to cook the other side (Like the case of bean cake).

5.When both sides are golden brown , remove from the pan and serve.

Usually enjoyed with Yaji.

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