How To Make Nigerian Banga Soup

Banga soup also known as Ofe Akwu is a Nigerian soup native to the Niger delta and some parts of the south eastern Nigeria. The word Ofe stands for soup while akwu simply means palm fruit. Commonly eaten with solid foods such pounded yam, semolina , garri (eba) and fufu e.t..c. This great soup contains essential nutrients that are good for the body.

The major ingredient of Banga soup is Palm Fruit. The palm fruit oil used in making banga soup is extracted at a very low temperature which is quite different from the normal palm oil. Preparing this great soup is simple, let’s start by listing the ingredients needed to make our banga soup.

Palm fruits(Banga)
2 onions
Assorted Meat, Dry fish.
Ofe akwu leaves or crushed bitter leaves
2 tablespoons ground crayfish
Ogiri (Iru)
Ground Egusi
Dry Pepper
Seasoning cube

Banga sauce


1. Wash and Boil the palm fruits Until it becomes soft (for like an hour)

2.Wash and cut the leaves into tiny pieces and set aside.

3. Wash and boil the assorted meat and set aside.

4. With the aid of mortar and pestle, pound the fruits. Squeeze the mash to extract the juice and rinse all the juice into a pot.

4. Add a little water to the extracted juice and boil for like 25 minutes.

6. Add pepper, salt , seasoning cube , onions, ataiko, iregeje and crayfish.

7. Add the ofe akwu leaves or bitter leaves and salt to taste.

8. Add the cooked meat and dry fish in step 2 above.

At this stage, Your banga soup should be done and be ready to be served. I enjoy taking it with any of the solid foods  mentioned above.

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