How to make spicy banana chips

Banana is an edible fruit from the genius Musa. It is usually consume as a ripened and soft dessert, but can also be cooked or make into fry chips. The tasty banana chips do make a good tea time snacks or anytime snacks. Banana chips is made from a green mature unripe banana fruits. The green unripe banana contain fiber, essential minerals, vitamins and resistance starch which help control blood sugar, manage weight and lower blood cholesterol level. Banana in its unripened form is nutritionally preferable than its ripened form, though the more ripened the fruit the higher the vitamin C.


Green mature unripe bananas, cholesterol free oil, spices (salt and chili pepper).



Steps in making spicy banana chips

  • wash and peel banana
  • heat frying oil till medium hot
  • slice the chips thinly into the oil.

NB: do not over crowd chips in oil for even frying and stir to prevent chips stickyness

  • fry till golden brown and crispy
  • remove chips and drain oil
  • transfer into a bowl or container
  • cool the spiced chips and store in an air tight container
  • fresh and healthy spiced banana chips is ready for consumption.

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