How to Make Superb Efo Riro

No doubt, the Yoruba people in Nigeria loves Efo Riro, especially when it is served with Eba or Amala. It has numerous health benefits due to the rich vegetable in it. The “Efo” in Efo riro stands for Vegetable . Trust me, when this soup is made by a professional for you, you will definitely ask for more every time. So lets take a look at how to make this delicious soup, the ingredients involved and the cooking directions.


Lets start by listing the Ingredients needed to make our Efo Riro. The ingredients below is meant to serve only 3-4 people at a go.

7 pieces of Stock Fish
Sliced spinach leaves (1kg)
Assorted Meat
Palm Oil
2 teaspoons of locust Beans
Medium amount of Salts
A cup of Sliced Tatashe
2 Maggi cubes
3 peices Smoked fish
1 Sliced Onion
A half cup of Ground Crayfish
1/4 of Sliced pepper

There are Five Major Steps to take when cooking Efo riro:

1. Wash the meat thoroughly with water, and also ensure that the smoked fish and crayfish are also washed.

2.Put the washed meat in a small pot, add water, onions , salt, maggi cube and allow it to boil for like 10 minutes.

When the meat have been boiled , add the stock fish,smoked fish and some water and cook it for like 15 minutes.

3.Place a seperate pot on heat and pour some amount of palm oil. Heat the palm oil for some minutes before adding onions, the sliced tatashe and pepper. Allow it to fry for like 5 minutes while stirring occasionally.

4.After frying for some minutes, add the cooked stock fish , meat and smoked fish in step 1 above, cook for like 5 minutes and stirr.

5. Add the locust beans and crayfish , allow it for like 5 minutes also and stirr occassionally. Add the maggi cube, the salt and spinach leaves.
Stir all components together and cook for about 5-10 minutes.

The end product of the aboves steps is a Superb Efo Riro. You can enjoy it with Amala , Eba or Pounded Yam.

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