How To Prepare A Tasty Moin Moin

Moin Moin is a well known food in Nigeria,a delicious food made from beans that can be enjoyed with garri and pap (ogi), the popularity of Moin Moin in Nigeria cuts across all tribes. Enjoyed by most Nigerians,
this food can sometimes be out of taste if not properly prepared. Preparing moin moin is very easy once the ingredients for the food are set.Let’s start by listing all the ingredients needed for our moin moin production


500g Black eyed Beans
4 Eggs (optional)
Palm Oil
Small Fish( Titus)
Garlic (optional)
50g Dry Crayfish
Salt (to taste)
4 fresh tomatoes
Maggi cube
6 small chilli pepper

moin moin


1. Make sure the beans are soaked for at least 30 minutes, peal of the brown part of the beans until it all becomes white.

2.If you’ve successfully peeled off the brown part of beans, then wash it thoroughly. After washing it, add the onions, crayfish, tomatoes, diced garlic and chilli pepper and blend together. After blending, add a little salt and Maggi and mix together.

3.Boil the eggs and fish, and add like 2.5 table spoon of palm oil, Maggi and salt and set aside.

4.Rub the boiled fish into pieces and Slice the hard cooked egg. Ensure that all the bones in the fish are removed when shredding.

5.If you are making the Moin Moin with leaves or aluminum cups, rinse the leaves or aluminum cups,fold the leave into a cone shape form,pour the blended beans,add few dry crayfish, boiled fish and sliced eggs and wrap up the leave. Repeat this process for each leaf until all the grounded beans has been exhausted.

6.Set your cooking apparatus, put some water into the cooking pot and gently add all the wraps inside. Cook for like 30 minutes.

7. Check after 30 minutes to see if the Moin Moin is done by examining the solid state of each wrap of Moin Moin.

At this stage, your Moin Moin should be set for consumption. I do enjoy taking it with Pap (ogi) or custard.

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