Black Soup (Ofe Erurushin)

This soup is very special to our hearts. Our contributor, Ekele from Agbor, Delta State has told us so many stories of her favorite ‘grandmama soup’ so imagine the joy when she decided to teach us how to make it in the Chop4Naija kitchen…


  • Palm fruit concentrate (banga extract)
  • Meat (Traditionally, eletu ‘bushmeat’ is used but we used beef, shaki and pomo)
  • Crayfish
  • Dryfish
  • Onions (chopped)
  • Black pepper
  • Fresh yellow pepper (blended)
  • Salt & seasoning cubes (maggi)
  • Banga soup spices (rohojie, orioma, edosa)
  • Scent leaves (blended)


  • Boil meat with salt, black pepper, onions and seasoning cubes till cooked
  • Take out meat and dissolve palm fruit concentrate in meat stock
  • Cook mixture till slightly thickened
  • Add properly washed dry fish, meat, blended yellow pepper, crayfish, banga soup spices and cook till done
  • Stir in blended scent leaves and cook till desired thickness is achieved
  • Adjust salt and seasoning cubes to taste
  • Serve with starch AKA yellow

    What do you think about our ‘grandmama soup’?

    Do you have childhood memories of your grandma making special meals?
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