SALADS should be fun!

We at the Chop4Naija Kitchen have made it our mission to create exciting salad recipes just for you! We decided to jazz up regular chicken lettuce salad and coleslaw today…..

Blueberry bread chicken lettuce salad


• Grilled chicken drumsticks
• Lettuce
• Blueberry bread (You can use regular bread)
• Mayonnaise


• Shred grilled chicken & lettuce
• Fry blueberry bread till crunchy (croutons)
• Plate Lettuce & chicken
• Slather with mayonnaise
• Top with croutons

Apple Coleslaw


• Carrot
• Cabbage
• Crunchy green apple
• Soft red apple
• Maple syrup
• Lemon


• Cut carrot and cabbage (coleslawstyle)
• Chop green apple (bite-size)
• Dice red apple into desirable shape
• Dress with a mixture of maple syrup & juice of lemon
• Plate as desired

Do you have any special salad recipes you would love to share? Please leave a comment below and tag us on our social media pages @chop4Naija

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