How To Prepare Mouth-Watering Afang Soup

During my undergraduate days at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I have a good friend who never joke with Afang soup, In fact Afang soup with Garri (Eba) was his choice food during those days. Due to the closeness between us, i had to learn how to make this delicious soup from him. Learning how to make this delicious soup from my friend was the best food decision have ever made. So yesterday, sunday, February 21 , i told my woman to sit down and allow me to take over the kitchen, i prepared a mouth-watering Afang soup and rest is history.


1 kg of goat meat.
500g of beef
Small amount of dry fish
250g of ponmo
0.5kg of Stock Fish.
Tin cup of Cray fish.
Knorr Cube ( I prefer knorr cube because of the taste)
Pepper, Yellow pepper and Salt
Onions ( 1- 2 bulbs)
Water leaves and Afang leaves


Pre-cooking Steps.

1. Wash the goat meat, beef, kpomo, stock fish properly. Keep the goat meat, beef and kpomo in a separate bowl.

2. Wash and slice the water leaves and Afang leaves. Grind the sliced Afang leaves.

3.In another bowl, wash and dice onions and the pepper.

Directions to Prepare the soup.

– Add good amount of water, pepper, salt and diced onions to the meats and Cook till the meats become tender.
After the meats has become tender, add washed stock fish and cook for about a minute or two.
– Add palm oil and allow it boil for three-four minutes.
– Add the sliced water leaves and cook for another three-four minutes
Finally, add cray fish, knorr cube, Periwinkle and allow it to boil for like three minutes before adding Afang leaves. Allow everything to boil for another few minutes and taste the soup to know if all is perfect.

Your Afang soup is ready.

Note: Afang soup is best Served with Semolina, Fufu, Amala, Garri (Eba), Akpu or Pounded Yam.

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