How To Prepare Ofe Nsala With Just Four Cooking Steps.

Ofe nsala also known as “white soup” is a delicious soup popular among the Igbos. Due to its medicinal nature, it is usually prepared for women who recently put to bed so as to prevent nausea in them.The reason why it’s called white soup is because of its light color. Preparing Ofe nsala without fresh fish is like preparing eguisi soup without the eguisi itself. The major ingredients of ofe nsala soup are large fresh fishes such as catfishes, mackerel, tuna e.t.c
As usual, let’s start by listing the ingredients needed for Our ofe-nsala soup.


– 2 Large Catfish
– 1 Medium sized onion
– Ground crayfish
– 3 Raw Yam cubes
– 3 tablespoonful chopped Utazi leaves (Optional)
– 1 teaspoonful Ogiri (Iru in Yoruba)
– Seasoning cubes
– Fresh tomatoes/Chilli Pepper (As appropriate, shouldn’t be much)
– Salt to taste


Cooking Steps
1. Peel the yam and boil till it becomes soft, pound it to a smooth paste using a mortal and pestle. Yam powder can also be used in the absence of yam or mortal, just boil some water , add the powder and stir continuously till smooth paste is obtained. Set it aside

2.Wash the catfish, cut into large chunk , add some water, salt,seasoning cubes and diced onions and boil for 15 minutes.

3. Add the pepper, ground crayfish and ogiri . After that, add the yam paste obtained in step one(bit by bit) and allow the soup to cook until it appears that the paste has completely dissolved.

4.Add the Utazi leaves, confirm if the salt is adequate, and simmer for 2 minutes.

At this point, ofe nsala should be done and ready to be served. Just like the ofe owerri soup, Ofe nsala can be served with swallow (eba, fufu, semo, amala , pounded yam, e.t.c).

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