How to Prepare Okpa.

During my days in Nsukka, Enugu state, okpa is one of the delicious foods in Enugu state that i can’t do without.One thing about this food is that it’s economical and tasty.Okpa is a traditional Nigerian food which is popular in the eastern part of Nigeria.With just two wraps of okpa and a bottle of soft drink in the morning, be rest assured that you may not feel hungry till dinner time. You don’t have to be  Enugu resident  before having a taste of this food, okpa is also sold on the streets of Lagos.I have been privileged to prepare this food countless times at home and i was able to come up with a delicious okpa. Preparing this food is easy provided all the ingredients needed for the production are available.


50ml Palm Oil
1 medium sized onion
500grams okpa flour
container ( Aluminium foil bags, banana leaves , heat resistant nylon e.t.c)
2 tablespoonful ground crayfish
Ground chilli pepper
2 stock cubes
Salt (to taste)
Warm Water

Cooking Direction

1. In a bowl pour the okpa flour and add palm oil,mix thoroughly with a mixer until flour changes colour.

2.Add warm water and mix thoroughly. Ensure it does not become watery

3. Add onions, pepper, ground crayfish, stock cubes, salt to taste and mix thoroughly.

4.Pour the mixture into the chosen container and place in a pot of boiling water. Allow to boil for like one hour.

After an hour the okpa should be ready. I enjoy taking it with hot pap.

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