How to start a catering service Business.

No gainsaying the future of catering service is bright particularly in Nigeria where most people prefer hiring a caterer when organizing or planning a corporate function or an event. Back in those days , most people hardly consult a caterer when planning for an event instead they resort to family and friends for the service of a caterer. But the reverse is the case presently as most people now hire a caterer when they need a catering service. So how do you start a catering service business ? Do you just rent a place and get the equipment/materials needed and spring up the business? Or you hire a caterer to do the catering service business for you ? Whatever the case may be, this article is meant to guide you on how to start a catering service business..

1. First Step is to get your pen and paper , write your business plan. Every business needs a business plan, your business plan should focus on how to meet the needs of your potential customers when you start your catering service business. If you don’t know how to write a business plan, there are tons of materials on-line that can solve the problem of business plan.

2. Is your business plan now in place? If yes, then try to get some training on business , its important you get this training because you need the technical know how of the catering service business before venturing into it.

3.If 1 and 2 has be taken care of, then you need a location for your catering service business.I will advice you to consider a customer friendly area when choosing a location for your catering service business.

4.The fourth step is to start financing your business.If the capital is readily available, then get the needed equipment and materials for the catering service business.If no capital, then find a way of getting a government sponsored loans or research grants to get you started.

5. It’s time to form alliance with people that matters to your business. Start forming alliance with wedding and event planners so that they can always refer your catering service to their clients. Every business needs marketing, develop a strong marketing strategy that can help your business positively. Both on-line and off-line marketing strategy. Never Underestimate the power of social media when doing your marketing.

6.Now your catering service business is up and running. What type of ownership is preferable to you? Do you prefer sole proprietorship , partnership or Limited Liability Company(LL C) ? This stage is where you determine the best ownership that suits you.

7.Register your business with the government and get the necessary documents needed. Also get all the necessary licenses and permits needed for your catering service business to avoid being frustrated out business by the government.

8.Lastly, Be prayerful and work hard towards making your catering service business a successful one. Know your competitors weak areas and use their weak areas for your own advantage.

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