How to Win back Your Husband with Pounded Yam and Edikaikong Soup.

Most Nigerian men loves the taste of Pounded yam. Many of them will go extra mile to have a taste of delicious pounded yam.In light of this, Every woman should know how to satisfy her husband with this great
Nigerian meal. Pounded yam is an unruffled dough of mashed yam .It’s called Iyan in Yoruba Language and it has nutritional value. So how can you win back your husband with Pounded Yam?
First of all, you need to know how to prepare this meal before thinking of satisfying your husband with it.

How to Prepare Pounded Yam.

There are three ways to prepare pounded yam. The first method is to slice cooked yam into small sizes,then put the yam inside the mortal and pound with your pestle

Another method is to use an automated electrical device, This device will cook the yam, then switch into the blending mode to crush the yam and mashes it into a dough.

The last method is very easy, with the help of yam flour. All you have to do is to sprinkle the yam flour into a pot of boiling water , then stir the mixture to obtain the dough.

To prepare Edikaikong, Follow this Link to read about how to prepare delicious edikaikong.

Using myself as a case Study, this scenario happened last week Thursday.I have exhausted energy at work and was very tired. Coupled with the fact that i spent close to 3 hours in the traffic.My plan that day
was to get home , take my dinner and go straight to the bedroom to rest my nerves.So on getting home this particular day, my woman welcomed me and assisted me in pulling off my shoes and my shirt. While sitting
down and relaxing my nerves, i perceived this fantastic aroma coming directly from the kitchen.That was when i realized that something great was about to happen. She served me pounded yam with
edikaikong soup and orishirisi (different) assorted meats.I devoured the whole thing with excitement.
In fact, pounded yam was the last food i was expecting to eat that night. She indeed made me happy with that nutritious meal.

Surprise your husband by preparing this sweet delicacy.

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