Is Ponmo (Cow Skin) Nutritious ? What You Should Know

Cow Skin popularly known as “Ponmo” is basically a processed cow skin which is consumed by many Nigerians.The delicious succulent texture of ponmo when it has been cooked and seasoned makes it the favourite food of many Nigerians.Although in many developed countries, skin of cow, goat and sheep are not consumed but used in production of leather and related products. Why is the case different in Nigeria ? While some have ascribed the consumption of Ponmo to poverty because it’s cheaper when compared to beef, others attributed the consumption of Ponmo to the love Nigerians have for it. However, Ponmo is devoid of any nutritional Value. In fact, some scientists opined that if the options were red meat or ponmo, red meat should be the answer simply because if all the fat in red meat are trimmed out, red meat can be nutritional when compared to ponmo.


According to Dr Isuwa Adamu, Director-General (NILEST), Zaria, Consumption of ponmo as meat substitute is dangerous to health, he opined that ponmo does not have any nutritional value to human health. Some of the animals killed had been ill and undergoing injections before being slaughtered which makes the buyer vulnerable to chemicals in the animal skin.

Below is nutritional analysis of a 40 gram piece of Ponmo

Calories (150g); Total fat (4g); Saturated fat (1g); Poly saturated fat (0g); Mono saturated fat (0g); Trans fat (0g); Cholesterol (0g); Sodium (0mg); Potassium (0mg); Total carbohydrate (0g);
Dietary fibre (0g); Sugars (0 per cent); Proteins (0 per cent); Vitamin A (0 per cent); Vitamin C (0 per cent); Calcium (0 per cent); Iron (0 per cent).

The analysis above shows that ponmo add no nutritional value to the body system. But many Nigerians are of the opinion that even though Ponmo add no nutritional value to the body system, they won’t stop consuming it because they have strong love for it..

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