It’s Chop4naija and Not Chop Naija

Many of our customers have been complaining of not being able to access our web pages through search engine when they type the keyword “chop naija”.For clarity purpose, it’s chop4naija and not chop naija. There is no space between the word chop and naija , additionally there is a single digit number 4 between the word chop and naija.

Chop Naija


This is What Chop4naija (Not Chop naija) is all about:

Chop4naija is Nigeria’s leading food directory created with the aim of providing┬áconcise information on the best Nigerian restaurants to enjoy quality meal. Chop4naija avails Nigerian restaurant owners the opportunity to list their restaurants on our platform to show Nigerians the food service they offer. When your restaurant is listed on our platform, it will increase the on-line visibility of your restaurant and many Nigerians will be able to locate you with their Internet enabled devices.It avails you the golden opportunity to showcase your product and services.

While we appreciate the loyalty of our customers, we urge you to take note of the correct spelling of our website, once again it is chop4naija and not chop naija. We thank all our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve you.


Help Spread The News of Chop4naija (Not Chop Naija)

We also want you to spread the News of our amazing directory to all your contacts, friends and family, We are doing the best to make Chop4naija Not chop naija ­čÖé stand out. We are adding lots of Restaurants around you, so the name Chop4naija must be made clear and not Chop Naija.

We know Chop naija may easily come to the head when you look at our brand, we are working hard to remove the Chop naija impression and we are already improving our brand both in outlook and in content.

We will be expanding our Chop4naija Brand to more fronts in the Food industry and offer more Support Services to Our Partner Outlets. is positioned to help our partners reach more customers and increase their Return on Investment via opening up of more access to the market, improving visibility and making more sales.

So help our Brand Chop4naija (Not Chop Naija) to be able to help you and do more.

Have you listed your Food Outlet on our website? if not, you are missing something out already, leaving money on the table. We will support you all the way, so call us, or email us to get listed today.

We love you

From Us at Chop4naija [Not chop naija].

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