Someone once asked me why i love jollof rice so much? im afraid to say words failed me at that moment, not because i had no answer but because i had a million answers to one question.There are so many stories surrounding the origin of this delicious African cuisine that one begins to wonder which to believe.

One of the most pouplar stories about the origin of jollof rice is about an African King from Gambia,who could not eat any food that was not prepared by his wife, and so he took her everywhere he went. On one occassion the guest who provided them with accomodation did not have enough pots for the king’s wife to prepare the food she intended,so she improvised and mixed rice with tomatoes sauce and other condiments and voila!The birth of jollof rice!!!

Which ever way you see it, Jollof rice has become a celebrity food of some sort. No event is complete without it..Here are some pictures of this delicious and fingerlicking food to support my claims.Lol..have a “jollof” weekend people.


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