Kiwi Parfait Plus Ghost’s Freedom



  • Kiwi fruits (chopped)
  • Dried fruit medley (strawberry, mango, pineapple, cashew nut & coconut) Found in the
  • Low fat yogurt


  • Layer ingredients in glass in this order: yogurt, medley, kiwi or as desired

Fruits are a perfect way to “break-fast”, they contain natural sugars that would keep up that energy all day. We paired this with the perfect complement…yogurt which is not just delicious but also filling.

The finished product of Kiwi Parfait


Power Season 4 Episode 5 “Thank Me Later”

This yumminess was the perfect way to celebrate Ghost’s freedom but one scene had our cups down and eyes closed….

As much as we were not in love with Marshal Williams, that skull bash was the worst!


Do you think this killing will come back to hunt Ghost one day?

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