Kunun Gyada : How To Make It At Home

Kunu gyada is a popular drink consumed throughout Nigeria, most especially in the northern part of Nigeria.I started enjoying this great drink during my days in Kano as a youth corper.Usually served in a bowl and sometimes sweetened with honey or sugar to make it friendly to the mouth.There are different types of kunun in the northern part of Nigeria (Kunun zaki, Kunun aya, Kunun Gyada, e.t.c). What differentiate these great drinks from one another is the product from which they are made. Unlike Kunun aya (Tiger nut drink) which is made from tiger nuts and kunun Zaki which is made from millet, kunun gyada is made from rice and groundnuts. It has a lot of health benefits which can not be quantified. Lets start by listing the ingredients needed for the production of kunun gyada at home.


1/2 cup rice
1 cup roasted groundnuts (skin peeled)
1 Tsamiya (tamarind)
Sugar to taste or honey

Kunun Gyada Being Served With A Bowl
Kunun Gyada Being Served With A Bowl


1. Get a warm water and soak the rice for about 30 minutes. Set aside to use later

2 In a another bowl, soak the tsamiya(tamarind0for like 30 minutes also in a warm water .Set aside.

3.Pour the goundnut into a blender, add a little water and blend to a smooth paste. Add water to the paste and sieve the liquid into a small sized pot. We only need the liquid.

4.Cook the groundnut milk( the liquid obtained from step 3 above) and rice on a fair heat. stir often to prevent lumps.

5.When rice becomes soft, our kunun gyada is ready for consumption. Add the tsamiya and sugar or honey to taste

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