Must Try Foods When Eating at a Nigerian Restaurant.

Are you a foreigner in Nigeria but don’t know the best Nigerian meal to take ? Perhaps, you are used to eating a specific cuisine but want to try a new cuisine? All over the world, Nigerian foods are known to be delicious. When visiting a Nigerian restaurant for the first time, there are certian Nigerian foods you must not miss. Here are three Nigerian foods you should taste before leaving any Nigerian restaurants.

Pounded Yam and Eguisi Soup


Pounded yam is known to be one of Nigerian delicacy made from boiled yam. The yam is boiled to a certain boiling point to be pounded by a mortal and pestle.Although its known as a Nigerian product but widely loved by both Nigerians and Non Nigerians. In Nigeria, Pounded yam is always consumed with different kinds of soup.But most South Westerners (Yoruba) prefer taking pounded yam with Eguisi soup. I call the combination of Pounded Yam and Eguisi soup the “Baddest Combo”. Do you want to find yourself in a state of total euphoria? Then visit a good Nigerian restaurant near you and request for pounded yam and Eguisi soup.


Akpu and Banga soup


Akpu is a special meal that is widely consumed in Nigeria due to the love most Nigerians have for it.Akpu is also known as fufu. Its usually made by boiling cassava and pounding it to a thick paste-like form. Most South easterners (Igbos) prefer taking akpu with banga soup.Banga soup is also known as ofe akwu in the south eastern part of Nigeria. It is made from Palm Nuts (Banga ). A taste of akpu and banga soup will definitely take you to cloud nine.


Edikaikong Soup and Pounded Yam


EdikaIkong is a vegetable soup which is known to be one of the favorite soup of the efik people in southern part of Nigeria.The soup is made from dark green leafy vegetables,When this great soup is combined  with Pounded yam.Words won’t be enough to express how you feel after eating this combo. Apart from the delicious taste of edikaikong soup, it also has many nutirtional value that makes the body sytem stay healthy.


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