Nigerian Kulikuli Recipe

Kuli Kuli is a popular hausa food which is made from peanuts. This food is enjoyed within Nigeria and beyond, kuli kuli is often eaten alone or can be consumed with a mixture of garri and water. Chop4naija presents few procedures on how to make Nigeria’s most popular snack (kulikuli). Sit back and relax, follow our procedures and you will find yourself gradually becoming an expert in kulikuli production. You will need the following ingredients and utensils to make kulikuli.


Groundnut oil
Ground Pepper
2 cups of peeled and roasted groundnuts
1 teaspoonful ginger powder



Muslin cloth
Food Processor
Frying pan
Plastic bowl



1. Pour the groundnuts and ginger into the food processor, rotate until the groundnuts turn to pasty cream.

2. Pick up the pasty nut into the muslin cloth, squeeze out all the oil.

3.Pour the contents obtained in step 2 above into the plastic bowl, add the ground pepper.

4.With the aid of a mixer, mix and shape the contents using an shaping tool to your preferred size.

5.Put the fryin pan on a medium heat, add groundnut oil and onions. When the oil is heated up, add the shaped balls (Or rods) in step 4 above and keep frying and stirring until the balls turn brown.

5. Pick up each ball from the frying pan and enjoy your kulikuli.

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