How To Prepare Okro Soup

Okro soup is one of the most popular Nigerian soups. It’s very easy to prepare.You don’t have to spend much money and time before getting it done.Also known as miyan kubewa in hausa, with an amount less than five hundred naira, you can prepare this delicious soup. It is one of the most common soups eaten by the igbo people in Nigeria which is often combined with ogbono soup sometimes.

Nutritional Benefits of Okro Soup

The low-caloric content in Okro soup makes it a perfect diet for those watching their weight. It is very rich in important vitamins such as VITAMINS A,B,C and contains lots of dietary fibres which are good in getting rid of constipation. This great soup is free from saturated fatty acid and cholesterol, also helps in preventing spots and pimples on the human face.


Ingredients For Okra (Okro) soup

Stock fish
1 kg of meat
Half cup of Crayfish
Roasted fish (Optional, I like using this alot)
2-3 cubes of Maggi or knorr (I prefer using knorr)
15cl Palm oil
Salt and pepper.

Pre-cooking Directions( An hour to the cooking)

1. Boil the stockfish for 15-20 minutes and leave it in the pot with the hot water to soak.

2.Grind the dry pepper and crayfish

3.Cut the okra into tiny pieces.The tinier you cut it, the more it will draw after cooking it.

Main Cooking Directions.

1. Wash and parboil the meat with the necessary ingredients for about ten minutes, then add about two cups of water and cook till the meat is tender.

2. Add the stock fish, dry fish and cook for about 15-20 minutes till they becomes soft.

3.Add roasted fish and cook for 5 minutes before adding palm oil, crayfish, knorr or maggi cubes, pepper and salt to taste.

4. Finally, add the okra ,stir it and cook for about 6-10 minutes.

You have just made a delicious Okro Soup.

5. Serve with semo, eba or fufu.

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